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Terms and Conditions


 1. introduction

The company that manages the website http://cissmarket.com, hereinafter referred to as cissmarket.com is Royal House Events SRL, hereinafter referred to as CISSmarket, with offices based in Bucharest, Romania, registration number 32347815. The entire contents of the site, including cissmarket.com design elements and Web graphics, images, is owned by CISSmarket and is protected by copyright. The use without the written consent of the owner of all the elements listed above is punishable by law. 

2. Objective

CISSmarket created the website cissmarket.com in order to inform their customers of all products offered. Any use made of the website cissmarket.com is subject to the terms and conditions of access and use detailed below on this page, as of all applicable Romanian laws and regulations. When you enter, visit or use the cissmarket.com site, you accept and agree unconditionally with these terms and conditions. We kindly ask you to read carefully the following information.

3. Limitation of liability for products and services

These pages are an overview of the product range offered by CISSmarket and attract no responsibility for the company. Products and services are provided in the form in which they are manufactured, within the limits of available stock. CISSmarket makes no warranty express or implied, with respect to including but not limited to functionalities on this site, the information, content, materials or products on the website and their appropriateness for a particular purpose. Users expressly agree that use of this site and purchase products or services is at their own risk. CISSmarket can not guarantee availability of all products presented. The images on this website are for presentation purposes and products supplied may sometimes be different from the images shown, one way or another (color, accessories, appearance etc). CISSmarket and its suppliers reserve the right to change technical specifications without notice. The descriptions of the products presented on the site cissmarket.com are available to us by representatives of each manufacturer. Any complaint regarding the condition of the goods or any other issues will be sent to the CISSmarket within 24 hours of receipt or noticing the issue, and will be resolved amicably. In case you failed to settle the dispute amicably, it is for the Romanian courts to do so, the parties choose the court in the municipality of Bucharest, Romania. The customer assumes all such risks once they control one or more of our products.

4. Limitation of liability for prices

Prices do not include packing and shipping charges. CISSmarket reserves the right to change without notice the selling prices of the products presented.

5. Website Terms of Use

CISSmarket  provides permission to use cissmarket.com under the following conditions:
- The user will use the information on the site cissmarket.com only in his own interest without the right to upload or change the site partially or fully, to reproduce partially or in full, copy, to sell / resell or exploit the website in any manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of CISSmarket without the written consent of the latter.
  It is forbidden to use the cissmarket.com website to post or transmit material that is threatening, false, misleading, abusive, harassing, indecent, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material or any other equipment that may constitute or encourage conduct that would result in a violation or rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate law in one way or another

6. The Privacy

Information provided by CISSmarket are used solely for the purposes for which they were introduced, respectively, to place an order, in accordance with the laws. CISSmarket does not encourage spam and will not disclose customer data without their explicit consent. CISSmarket reserves the right to choose its customers and to refuse to work with clients who exhibit behavior and inappropriate language (aggressive, licentious, etc.) or having a bad transaction history.

7. Ordering:

Ordering can be done via online ordering / online purchase only.

The acceptance of the order, the conclusion of the agreement and the contract of purchase and sale happens at the time when the payment is processed and confirmed to CISSmarket by the payment gateway. Ordering by phone or email, telephone conversations or e-mail or any other methods, with staff or with CISSmarket companies providers of CISSmarket release do not constitute a binding acceptance of the order. Also, placing an online order which is not paid in full does not constitute a binding acceptance of the order. All purchases made on cissmarket.com are considered Romanian transactions, and are exclusively subject to Romanian law.

8. Payment:

Payment can be done online, by credit or debit card, through a certified payment gateway.

9. Shipping

Shipping can is done by courier. Products are shipped on weekdays, between 10 - 17.

If orders are returned by Courier because of Customer not being available to deliver the package, incorrect address provided by the Customer or any other fault of the Customer, the purchase will be refunded to the Customer with a penalty equal to the double of the shipping charge (covering shipping both ways).

10. Product Warranty

All products sold on our website, with the exception of consumables, are guaranteed as per the law 449/2003 regarding the sale of goods and associated guarantees and trade policy makers. The products are sold new in their original packaging. Warranty certificates are issued by CISSmarket . The absence of the warranty certificate must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of the goods at sales@cissmarket.com. Any subsequent notification will not be considered. In the case where the product is found defective, it will be returned to CISSmarket at the address below, on the Customer's expense and accompanied by a copy of the invoice / order confirmation and the certificate of guarantee issued by Cristiana Art & Design.

Address for product returns: CISSmarket.com, Str. Dr. Lister 25, ap.1, sector 5, Bucharest, 050541, Romania

Returned products will not be received in the absence of the documents quoted above (copy of the invoice or order confirmation, warranty certificate). The warranty will be honored for the defective product(s) either by repairing the product or replacing the product or refunding the value of the product, at per the choice of CISSmarket . The shipping charge will not be refunded. Also, returns are done at the expense of the customer.

Returned products will be tested by our staff and:
- in case products are confirmed to be defective, they will be repaired or replaced or the purchase will be refunded, at the choice of CISSmarket ; note, CISSmarket will not refund the shipping charge
- in case the products are found to be working in good order, they will be sent back to the customer on his / her expense 

11. Exemption from guarantee obligations

CISSmarket  is exempt from any liability if the product failure occurred because of failure by the consumer to respect instructions for installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, handling, transport and storage, included in the documentation accompanying the product. Consequently, the warranty does not cover any of the cases below:

 - The use of other supplies and accessories as indicated by CISSmarket in the literature accompanying the product;

 - The deterioration of the product as a result of incorrect installation, misuse, including treatments that lead to damage or physical changes or aesthetic surface installation and use of the product for a purpose inconsistent with its use and a maintenance of the product that does not comply with the instructions, repair or repairs made to equipment by persons not authorized by CISSmarket ; the negligent use, accidents, fires, liquids, chemicals, other substances, flooding, vibrations, excessive heat, dust, inadequate ventilation, power failures, inadequate power supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge, including lightning, other forces and external mechanical shock, messed up the chips (chipped, scratched, torn) the use of inks that do not correspond to each product separately.

12. The right to return products

Customers have the right to renounce the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 days of purchase. In this case, the product should be returned within this period, in the original packaging, sealed, with all original accessories and without any trace of damage or wear.

The return address is: CISSmarket , Str. Dr. Lister 25, ap.1, sector 5, Bucharest, 050541, Romania

The value of the returned products will be fully refunded, excluding shipping charges and banking / card processing transaction costs. The purchase will be refunded within 14 days, but in most cases, this can be reduced to a few days. We will not accept packages requiring payment at delivery. The customer is responsible for product damage or loss incurred during transportation.

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