A Great Printer Is Out – The New Canon Pixma iP4950

On a first sight, the new Canon Pixma iP4950 seems to be just an updated version of the old model iP4850, one of our best selling printers. Indeed the 2 models look almost identical, except for the finishing of the case which is a little bit different at the top.

Keeping the reliability of its predecessor, iP4950 proves to be a real jewel from the performance / price point of view:
- it has 2 different paper trays allowing for flexibility in using different paper types or formats
- it comes with a standard duplexing unit (allowing for automatic two face printing)
- it can print on CDs and DVDs (special printable media) as a standard
- it provides truly exceptional print quality
- is able to print pictures directly from digital camera

Canon Pixma iP4950 with CISS Ink System

Perhaps the most important point is that iP4950 works very well with a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), allowing for significantly cheaper printing vs. using ordinary ink cartridges.

The installation of the CISS is much easier now, since CISSmarket.com introduced the new generation of CISS Ink System for Canon Pixma iP4950 / iP4850 / MG5250 / MX885 / iX6550, which comes with resettable chips included. The previous version was a little bit more difficult to setup, as it came without chips and it needed a somewhat difficult chip transfer operation to be performed (from the genuine cartridges). But this is all gone now and you can enjoy significantly less expensive printing without all this trouble.

On top of all the above, a competitive price starting at £99 makes iP4950 an option which is truly difficult to ignore among the current range of inkjet printers – and one that we strongly recommend.

In case you already own this printer or are interested to buy one, you should also see the details of the new generation CISS Ink System for Canon Pixma iP4950 / iP4850 / MG5250 / MX885 / iX6550 which comes with resettable chips included and is available and ready to ship for £49 from CISSmarket.com



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